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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Local contract (in accordance with the legislation of the country)
Location: Tempa Rossa
Rotation: 11 months on/1 month off
Client: Total
Category: Mechanical / Hydraulic
Country: Italy
Reference: D68-200

Position: Senior Mechanical Engineer

Position on organization chart: Reports to CSR

General description:

  • Support of operations,
  • Facilitate maintenance activities of the SITE team through adequate preparation (spare parts verification etc…)
  • Check repairs requirement and quality
  • Short and medium term improvement methods
  • Work closely with COMPANY Trade method engineer

Main functions:

  • Review preventive maintenance program validity. Check availability of means to complete it as and when required.
  • Assist the SITE as required for corrective maintenance
  • Prepare work pack for specific maintenance job when requested
  • Analyze CMMS report for its field of competence and recommend improvement solutions to COMPANY as required
  • Set up and implement technical procedures, follow-up and update maintenance procedure in relation with COMPANY representatives
  • Ensures quality of the maintenance operations : preparation of intervention files, work orders, reporting, CMMS
  • Performs electrical/mechanical isolations as appropriate
  • Lead root cause analysis if required

On call duty:

  • Member of on call duty team


  • He checks and ensures that vital equipment on production sites is available as and when required

Qualifications required:

The holder of this position must have the following qualifications:

  • Laurea Triennale (as well Higher National Diploma HND or Certificate HNC, A-levels + 3 years’ study, BTS/DUT or equivalent)
  • 5 years of general industrial maintenance
  • Computer literacy is required
  • Ability to work under the climatic conditions of the site
  • Ability to work in a multinational team. Ability to work in a service relationship
  • Competence/experience in the relevant specialties (mechanical/fitting, handling, tooling, electricity, instruments),
  • Experience in CMMS
  • Working language: In the “BRIGHT test” English equivalent to 2.5 and Italian to 2.5
  • Knowledge of electrical habilitation requirements and be certified as required (also including PES/PEI as per CEI 11-27/1 and CEI EN 50110-1)
  • The engineers must have a sufficient knowledge, experience, and expertise in similar facilities including in particular, in their own area of competence:
  • Gas turbines / power turbines driven power generation units, power distribution and networks operations, HV/LV motors, UPS, battery chargers, etc.)
  • Turbo machineries (gas turbines, compressors, pumps, diesel engines), static equipment (heat exchangers, valves, vessels)
  • ICSS (Invensys/Triconex in particular), Fire & Gas protection systems, analysers, metering systems, well control panels, package controls (for gas/steam turbines, compressors, power generation), automatic valves, conventional instrumentation, electronic / pneumatic technology; experience in facilities exposed to H2S
  • The technology used in oil/gas/chemical industry
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