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CBM Specialist

Local contract (in accordance with the legislation of the country)
Location: Tempa Rossa
Rotation: 11 months on/1 month off
Client: Total
Category: Mechanical / Hydraulic
Country: Italy
Reference: D68-220

General description

  • Manages the Condition Based Maintenance (Vibration & Oil analysis)
  • Short and medium term improvement methods

Main function

  • He is responsible for the preparation, organization and implementation of interventions concerning conditional preventive maintenance, including the measurement of vibration, the sampling of lubricants and performance monitoring on pumps, motors, compressors, turbines and electric motors.
  • He is responsible for interpreting the results of vibration measurements and is responsible for interpreting lubricants analysis made in a specific laboratory. Based on these analyzes, he identifies corrective actions to be undertaken on the equipment concerned.
  • He is responsible for measuring and analyzing the vibration after the restart of mechanical equipment.
  • He participates in all technical meetings within its field of competence.
  • He must have a particular regard to the logistical constraints of the COMPANY for the planning activities and sets priorities for its interventions according to the degree of criticality of the equipment.
  • He identifies the need for tools, specific or not, to perform the required service.
  • He follows the evolution of all late work under its responsibility and propose remedial action if the delay becomes unmanageable.


  • It monitors the actions taken concerning analysis of vibration, lubricant analysis and performance monitoring until their correction.
  • He is responsible for the implementation of the approved operating instructions and current industry practices when performing interventions under its control, thus ensuring the quality of maintenance.
  • He monitors the status and quantity of available tools and, if necessary, request replacement or purchase.
  • He offers improvements in procedures.

Qualifications required

  • Equivalent of DUT/BTS (French), B.Sc. Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering.
  • 3 years of general industrial maintenance.
  • Computer literacy is required.
  • Competence/experience in the relevant specialties (methods, condition based maintenance, mechanical).
  • Working language: English (spoken/read/written).

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