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Power Protection & Control System Specialist

Location: Sabratha
Rotation: 4 weeks on/4 weeks off
Client: ENI
Category: Electricity / HVAC
Country: Libya
Reference: D68-406

Key missions

Reporting to the Electrical and HVAC Supervisor, your key responsibilities are:

  • Conducting annual reliability audits, tests (secondary and primary injections) on medium voltage equipment, protection, and metering relays. 
  • Recommending cost-effective upgrades and replacement of protection and metering relays. 

  • Planning, controlling, and supporting Contractors toward ensuring task execution. 

  • Ensuring all electrical equipment on the network is functional, protected, and reliable. 

  • Researching, developing, and improving existing methods, technology, and equipment. 

  • Implementing change where required.  

  • Investigating and reporting on MV protection trips, quality of electrical supply or metering queries. 

  • Providing quality technical protection-related support service to plants and projects. 

  • Perform fair and reasonable tasks related to the job and working environment, at the discretion of the Engineer. 

  • Compiling reports on the status and condition of assets.  

  • Maintaining technical specifications, diagrams, operating procedures, training manuals, etc. 

  • Order equipment, report needs and operate within set financial parameters.

  • Carryout preventive and corrective maintenance of all Platform AC, DC UPS system as well as Battery banks.

  • Expert ability to troubleshoot on power electronic equipment such as rectifier, inverters, STS, electronic cards, capacitors, inductors, AC drives, chargeable batteries etc in a manner to produce minimum down time of electronic equipment.

  • Advanced knowledge of UPS’s equipment manufacturer (CEG, CONVEL & BORRI) specifications and act as the lead while communicating clearly and professionally to CEGs manufacture base.

  • Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment.

  • Ability to demonstrate a good understanding of single phase and three-phase circuit theory; analog and digital electronic circuit theory; of network functionality and sealed and wet celled battery theory.

  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of how to use Oscilloscope; how to perform phase rotation and phase alignment checks (measurement equipment needed in UPS qualification), and the proper use of hand-tools, and when it is appropriate to use insulated tools.

  • Perform, periodically explosion proof electrical checks of electrical equipment, machines, junction boxes, and control panels.

Candidate profile

  • At least with 8 years’ experience on electric power distribution and in general on electrical maintenance activities; knowledge of power distribution systems, power production plants, auxiliary equipment, and control systems.

  • Ability to read and interpret electrical drawing and wiring diagrams,

  • Excellent  English verbal & written communication skills & customer relation skills.

  • Complete and deliver accurate reports and information as required

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